Let it burn …

I’ve already discussed one very painful truth. Big budget AAA gaming as an industry has left the PC as a viable platform and market behind in favor of the console.  There’s no denying it.  I can point at Valve as the sole big name publisher that still produces big name titles optimized for the PC before any other platform.  We’re too small of a market compared to console gaming to attract public Developers and Publishers.

There’s another painful truth that’s coming up, reminiscent of the great console gaming crash in ’82.  Investors are starting to figure out that big money AAA games aren’t nearly as profitable and reliable as other gaming buisness models.  Depending on how this breaks, AAA big title gaming as we know it may die.

I say let it.


With the one aformentioned exception, the PC gaming market is flooded with mediocre ports of console games and shovelware.  There are still a few quality titles being made for the PC, but they’re buried under a mountain of buggy, unoptimzied, or just plain bad games.  And considering that this, coupled with the fact that all sales ARE FINAL and increasingly bizzare and draconic DRM schemes … every single damn purchase of a PC game is a crap shoot.  I’m tired of it.

Please, let the ‘big money’ go elsewhere, leaving the PC market open to those people left who are still interested in making quality titles for this platform. The indie developers are getting more numerous and sophisticated every day. Let the buisness world think that ‘PC gaming is dead’ and let us play and develop our own games in peace.

I’m sick and tired of wading through garbage to find … and buy … a few nuggets of gold. Let’s burn out some of this exploitative underbrush, clear the air for some fresh ideas.

td;lr  The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, I don’t give a fark, let the Activisions burn, burn baby burn.

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